Pokemon GO APK Download (Mod Menu) For Android

Pokemon Go is a unique and exciting game where you have to search for Pokemon and catch them. The given maps in the game will show you the poke man.
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Pokemon GO APK is one of the best video games ever created in history. In this game, you will become a real trainer of the poke man and you can catch all types of poke man in your surrounding areas. The map will show you where the Pokemon is you have to see the map to catch Pokemon.

So what are you waiting for go get the amazing app from the above link and catch the Pokemon. By having this latest version of the Poke man you will be able to use the new features as well.

This version provides its users with a trading feature by having this trading feature the trainers will be able to send gifts to their friends. Moreover, this version comes with a lot more features than the other old versions. So if you are bored and want a fun game then Pokemon Go APK is for you.

What Is Pokemon GO APK?

Poke man Go is a unique and exciting game where you have to search for Pokemon and catch them. The given maps in the game will show you the Poke man. In the gameplay, the player will be given a map using the given location of the player. Players can also play outside and hunt for real-life monsters.

You have to tap the monster on the screen to catch the Poke man. Furthermore, once you reach the advanced level you will be able to train the Poke man at the gym by yourself. Moreover, if you want to upgrade your level then you have to find Pokemon as fast as you can. There are more menus available in the game and they are Pokedex, item, and Shop.

Due to its amazing graphics and adorable cartoon characters players love this game. If you want to pass your extra time, this fantastic and exciting game is for you. Download it free from our given link above and enjoy the Pokemon Go game. This game has been downloaded over 1 billion times and given awards for being the best mobile game ever in history.

This game is well-optimized and has a unique interface with HD graphics. If you are a lover of Pokemon then this game is for you.

Pokemon Go Trading:

What is trading in Pokemon Go? Trading means in the game players will be able to change their Poke with other trainers to get different bonuses. So what are you waiting for guys to join a community of millions of players from all over the world? You will need a working internet connection along with GPS access to play the game.

To catch more Poke-Man, you have moved around your location and searched for Pokemon.

How To search for Pokemon and items in the game?

Pokemon usually appear normally in their living environment. For example, if you want to catch a water-type poke you will find them near a lake or ocean. For more other items visit the following places in the game.

  • Museum
  • Historical places
  • Monuments
  • Art gallery

Catch, Hatch, and Evolve

If you want to upgrade your level then catch Poke as fast as you can. The more you catch the more chances of getting an upgrade in your level.

Gym Battles

This mode will help you to team up with 20 other trainers to get victory over the strongest Pokemon. These strong Pokemon are usually known as Raid Boss. Once you defeat the Raid boss you will have a chance to win a strong Pokemon for yourself as well.

How To catch a wild Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Usually, the Red Ring represents a hard poke so if you want to catch the wild you have to train yourself in the gym. The more you train your Poke the more chances of catching a wild Pokemon.

How To Download And Install Pokemon GO?

Follow the given steps below to download and install.

  • First, click on the above button to start the download.
  • Secondly, go to your device >settings>Security settings>Unknown Resources> and enable it.
  • After that, once the download is completed, open the file and start the installation process.
  • At last, once the installation is completed, open the file and start using it.

What’s new in this version of Pokemon GO Mod Menu?

  • Address book import: You will be able to add friends from your contact list.
  • Collection Challenges
  • And also you will be able to skip the Team GO Rocket reward animation.
  • And much more.

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Final Thoughts

Furthermore, if you are a big fan of Pokemon GO then this amazing game is for you. And also you don’t have to pay anything to get this game. You can get it free from our link below or above. So what are you waiting for get the game and enjoy. Share with your friends and family and also do visit our website apkhint.com for more apps like this. If you have any questions or doubts about this game then let us know by commenting below.

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